March 10

CPM (Cost Per Mile/Thousand)

When advertiser starts a CPM advertising program at $10 CPM, then he will pay the publisher $10 per thousand views.

If you have a personal website a blog and use a CPM advertising program on it with a $10 CPM, then the advertiser will pay you $10 per thousand views generated from the website.

The total price paid for a CPM advertising program is calculated by multiplying the number of CPM units by CPM rate:

CPM units = (views/1000)

Total price = CPM unit(s)* CPM rate ($)

For example, when an advertiser wants to make 100,000 views at $10 CPM rate, then the total price for the CPM advertising deal for the advertiser will be the following:

CPM units = 100,000/1,000 = 100 units

Therefore, total price = 100*10 = $1,000

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